Assalammualaikum wootwoot people :D

FARAHAIN COMELS! <--- farahain type :P

hahaha, now I would like to story to all of our viewers about what happened on that day and this day :O hikhik, sorry, aku nak improve english aku so kene laa practice speaking :3

ehem ehem, yesterday, my wife <3 told me that she and her abah (my abah soon~) wanted to take her mum and went to one of the restaurant near the citypark. On that time, we're on skype. Then, I decided to went to the restaurant too. When she said that her abah had called her, we're off our skype. Then, I text her, "Sayang, tunggu papa dekat sane tau :3" hehehe.. Then I went to the restaurant.

Once I reached there, I took a look at the restaurent. Woo woo, I think I've found her! Hehehe.. "Sayang, cube pandang kat sini xD" Hahaha, then her eyes were on my eyes @_@

"Sayang, pa haus laa.. nak minum situ.." Hahaha.. but she didn't allow me to eat there :P Hokhok~ yang ni kene gune BM jugak! hahaha.. okayokay.. time tu skru plat motor aku tercabut, so aku nak cari kedai motor laa.. beli skru tu.. "sayang, kat sini mane kedai motor" then I made a ride~ aku bawak motor kearah restaurant tu! Masuk gear satu, rem rem rem, aku pacak!! pastu tunjuk peace! v^^v hahaha.. (1 new message) "sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettnyeeee!"

Then, I came back to the restaurent.. just looking at her with my crooked smile :3 then, they'd finished their eat *broken english* then, I saw Her, Abah, Mama~ hahaha. Then, I just followed them. Infront of the SMK Kepayang, there is a 'bumper'. Then, the car slow down. I rode my motor beside the car where can I face to face with my wife. Hahaha, then I looked her, awhhhhhhhhhhh~ CUTE! muehehe~

 -end of first story-

yehehee~ this evening, I went to my wife's house. To send the module and took severals book from her. Yeaaaa,, when I reached there, aku saje saje je nyorok kat tepi pokok tu! hahaha. "hmm, mane? nak naik balik laa" jangan! haha. cepat2 aku start motor gi laa kat public tu. then ma datang bagi buku. Ya Allah~ comeyyyyyyy! <3 btw, aku dapat yakult! muehehe~ pastu die straight naik, "module?" hehehe. datang balik. Comeyyyyyyyyyyy <3 pastu naik.. hmp.. okay dah!

-end of second story-

Sekian saja~
Dari kami~
Untuk semua~
Anda terhibur~
Sekian saja~